Bespoke Courses

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can create training courses specifically to fulfil your training requirements.

Designed to meet your needs

Here at Badley Ashton we don't only offer 'prescribed courses', we ask you what your staff need to get out of a course and then we build a programme specifically to achieve those aims. We've been following this approach for 30 years now with great success, and have designed courses for a wide range of clients covering a whole spectrum of techniques and geological settings. Not only can we customise the technical content of the course we can use your data too. In fact, many of our most successful courses have followed on directly from one of our studies for a client. We take their data, along with our interpretations and use this to help that client's staff develop their expertise in a particular area. We provide feedback forms after all of our training courses to make sure that we continue to improve and provide the best possible service.

Courses can be carried out in our offices or our staff can travel to your offices anywhere in the world.

Knowledgeable and experienced trainers

 All of Badley Ashton's geological staff are highly qualified specialists with a great deal of experience in their chosen field. This means that they can run courses in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with plenty of time for questions, examples and exercises. Most importantly Badley Ashton courses are not just lectures; there is a lot of interaction between the trainer and the trainees, providing the best possible learning environment. We will also provide course notes and hand-outs produced by our in house Geographics team, packed with clear illustrations and diagrams, along with all of the necessary information and plenty of room for taking notes. 

Recent training courses include -
• The Value of Borehole Image Data to the Exploration-Appraisal-Production Cycle
• Cold Cathodoluminescence Training Course
• The Applications of Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy to Correlation and Modelling of Fluvio-Deltaic Successions
• Carbonate reservoir characterisation & evaluation
• Evolution of a basin margin carbonate-evaporite depositional system: With an example from north-east England