18th June 2021

Core Values: Keynote Speaker Profile - Bruce Levell

Levell profile

Bruce worked for Shell from 1978-2013 when he became a Visiting Professor at University of Oxford. With Shell he worked as an explorer in Sarawak, Sabah, USA, UK and Oman, and as a researcher worked on basin modelling, seismic stratigraphy and regional geology. He is currently editing a textbook on sedimentology as well as engaged in research projects in Scotland, Oman, and Zambia.

Bruce’s involvement with core started as a sedimentologist fresh out of university faced with trying to understand the largely unconsolidated Upper Jurassic sands of the newly-discovered Troll Field. A wide variety of cores followed addressing a wide variety of questions. Over time the questions changed. First related to interpretation, then to the roles of acquiring and analysing cores in pursuit of exploration plays, and eventually to opening up new plays in global new ventures. Bruce will talk of this experience in terms of the insights gained and opportunities lost.

Levell profile

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