27th March 2018

Adrian Neal appointed to the Petroleum Group

After three years serving on the committee of the Petroleum Group, Badley Ashton's Chief Geologist has stood down and been replaced by Adrian Neal. Adrian will be on the committee alongside colleagues from industry and academia for the next three years. The Petroleum Group is the Geological Society’s specialist group dedicated to petroleum exploration and production. The Petroleum Group’s mandate is to advance the study and understanding of petroleum geoscience and to represent the Society with respect to petroleum exploration matters. Primarily this is achieved through a series of regular conferences, workshops and publications at the cutting edge of the science, supported by the oil exploration industry and the Society. The Group typically runs five or six events in a year. Fundamentally, the Petroleum Group aims to encourage the sharing and dissemination of information at the leading edge of petroleum geoscience.

Adrian is currently a consultant sedimentologist and 'Regional Manager for the Western Hemisphere' at Badley Ashton in Lincolnshire. His career has been split in roughly equal parts between industry and academia. He has spent the last 10 years working as a clastic sedimentologist for Badley Ashton, specialising in deepwater sedimentary environments. He has provided geological reservoir characterisation and integration services to the oil and gas industry across exploration, appraisal and development, primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and Africa. For 6 years he was Badley Ashton's Americas Regional Business Manager, based in their Houston office. He recently returned to the Head Office in the UK to oversee the company's business development in the western hemisphere. An area of particular focus at the current time is unconventional reservoir characterisation. During his time in academia he taught, ran fieldtrips, performed consultancy, published widely on sedimentology and geophysics in peer-reviewed journals and books, and organised conferences. His most cited academic paper is: 'Neal, A. 2004. Ground-penetrating radar and its use in sedimentology: principles, problems and progress. Earth-Science Reviews 66, 261-330'.

If you would like to find out more information about the Petroleum Group and its activities, please visit their website - https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/petroleum

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