24th July 2017

Sedimentology of Paralic Reservoirs: Recent Advances - Geological Society SP 444 published

The Geological Society’s Special Publication No. 444 - Sedimentology of Paralic Reservoirs: Recent Advances has now been officially published. This volume is a collection of papers based around the conference of the same name held by the Geological Society back in May 2015. Badley Ashton’s Dr. Boris Kostic was a convenor of the conference and is one of the editors of this exciting new volume.

Paralic reservoirs reflect a range of depositional environments including deltas, shoreline-shelf systems and estuaries. They provide the backbone of production in many mature basins, and contribute significantly to global conventional hydrocarbon production. However, the range of environments, together with relative sea-level and sediment supply changes, result in significant variability in their stratigraphic architecture and sedimentological heterogeneity, which translates into complex patterns of reservoir distribution and production that are challenging to predict, optimize and manage.

This volume presents new research and developments in established approaches to the exploration and production of paralic reservoirs. The 13 papers in the volume are grouped into three thematic sections, which address: the sedimentological characterization of paralic reservoirs using subsurface data; lithological heterogeneity in paralic depositional systems arising from the influence of tidal currents; and paralic reservoir analogue studies of modern sediments and ancient outcrops. The volume demonstrates that heterogeneity in paralic reservoirs is increasingly well understood at all scales, but highlights gaps in our knowledge and areas of current research.


Table of Contents

Introduction to the sedimentology of paralic reservoirs: recent advances 
Gary J. Hampson, Antony D. Reynolds, Boris Kostic and Martin R. Wells

Subsurface characterization of paralic reservoirs

Paralic reservoirs 
Antony D. Reynolds

Stratigraphic architecture of the Knarr Field, Norwegian North Sea: sedimentology and biostratigraphy of an evolving tide- to wave-dominated shoreline system 
James M. Churchill, Matthew T. Poole, Silje S. Skarpeid and Matthew I. Wakefield

Challenges in characterizing subsurface paralic reservoir geometries: a detailed case study of the Mungaroo Formation, North West Shelf, Australia 
G. Heldreich, J. Redfern, B. Legler, K. Gerdes and B. P. J. Williams

Analysis of floodplain sedimentation, avulsion style and channelized fluvial sandbody distribution in an upper coastal plain reservoir: Middle Jurassic Ness Formation, Brent Field, UK North Sea 
Yvette S. Flood and Gary J. Hampson

Tidal heterogeneity in paralic systems

Deflection of the progradational axis and asymmetry in tidal seaway and strait deltas: insights from two outcrop case studies 
Sergio G. Longhitano and Ron J. Steel

Tidally influenced shoal water delta and estuary in the Middle Jurassic of the Søgne Basin, Norwegian North Sea: sedimentary response to rift initiation and salt tectonics 
Donatella Mellere, Aruna Mannie, Sergio Longhitano, Mike Mazur, Hyelni Kulausa, Samme Brough and James Cotton

Sedimentology and stratigraphic architecture of a Miocene retrogradational, tide-dominated delta system: Balingian Province, offshore Sarawak, Malaysia 
Meor H. Amir Hassan, Howard D. Johnson, Peter A. Allison and Wan H. Abdullah

Stratigraphic evolution of an estuarine fill succession and the reservoir characterization of inclined heterolithic strata, Cretaceous of southern Utah, USA 
Cari L. Johnson, L. Stright, R. Purcell and P. Durkin

Recognizing seasonal fluvial influence in ancient tidal deposits 
Annalize Q. McLean and Brent Wilson

Analogue studies

Evolution and architectural styles of a forced-regressive Holocene delta and megafan, Mitchell River, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia 
T. I. Lane, R. A. Nanson, B. K. Vakarelov, R. B. Ainsworth and S. E. Dashtgard

Transgressive successions of the Mahakam Delta Province, Indonesia 
Joseph J. Lambiase, Ridha S. Riadi, Nadia Nirsal and Salahuddin Husein

Time–space variability of paralic strata deposited in a high accommodation, high sediment supply setting: example from the Cretaceous of Utah 
Julia S. Mulhern and Cari L. Johnson

Anatomy of a mixed-influence shelf edge delta, Karoo Basin, South Africa 
Luz E. Gomis-Cartesio, Miquel Poyatos-Moré, Stephen S. Flint, David M. Hodgson, Rufus L. Brunt and Henry DeV. Wickens

To find out more about the volume, please click on the link below.

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