08th March 2017

Sedimentology of Paralic Reservoirs: Recent Advances - Geological Society SP 444 available Online First

The Geological Society’s Special Publication No. 444 - Sedimentology of Paralic Reservoirs: Recent Advances has begun to be released in the Online First section of the Geological Society’s Lyell Collection. This volume is a collection of papers based around the conference of the same name held by the Geological Society back in May 2015. Badley Ashton’s Dr. Boris Kostic was a convenor of the conference and is one of the editors of this exciting new volume.
To find out more about the volume and view the articles which have been accepted for publication, please click on the link below. Also keep a look out for Special Publication 459 Subseismic-Scale Reservoir Deformation which is co-edited by Dr. Mike Ashton and is due to appear on the Lyell Collection site in the coming weeks.

SP444 Sedimentology of Paralic Reservoirs: Recent Advances
Edited by G. J.Hampson, A. D. Reynolds, B. Kostic and M. R. Wells

Paralic reservoirs reflect a range of depositional environments including deltas, shoreline–shelf systems and estuaries. They provide the backbone of production in many mature basins around the world, and contribute significantly to global conventional hydrocarbon production. This volume presents new research and developments in established approaches to exploration and production of paralic reservoirs.

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