03rd November 2016

Badley Ashton at ADIPEC 2016

Badley Ashton will be in attendance at ADIPEC 2016 next week. Our Carbonate Geologists Matthieu Deville de Periere and Aurelie Bonin will both be at the event. If you would like to arrange a time to discuss with them how Badley Ashton can help you, please get in touch with Matthieu at out Abu Dhabi office (e-mail mdeville@badley-ashton.com or Tel +971 (0) 50 769 5473).

Aurelie is the co-author on a paper that will be presented at the conference. Entitled 'Sedimentological characterisation and sequence stratigraphy of the lowermost Lekhwair deposits of the southern Tethys (Early Cretaceous, Onshore Abu Dhabi)'. This paper derives from work undertaken in the United Arab Emirates with our clients, Al Dhafra Petroleum. The paper is due to be presented at 1400 on Monday 7th of November as part of the session entitled E&P Geoscience: Advances in Regional Geology and Basin Analysis - II.

Compared to the Kharaib and Shuaiba carbonate hydrocarbon reservoirs of UAE, which benefit from numerous investigations enabling the establishment of a relatively accurate biostratigraphical framework and the characterisation of the sedimentological, depositional and sequence stratigraphical context, the lowermost Lekhwair deposits remain poorly known and are rarely the topic of publications for twenty years.  The presentation and associated paper revisit the historical depositional interpretations and sequence stratigraphic framework based on a thorough core description and microfacies analysis of these Valanginian/Hauterivian carbonates cored in an onshore Abu Dhabi area. 

In addition Matthieu is co-author on a poster presentation entitled 'Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy controls on Reservoir qualities distribution in high heterogeneous carbonate rocks; case study; in a Giant Offshore Oil Field, Abu Dhabi', due to be presented on Monday 7th of November.

An extended version of both papers have been produced which you can see on our Technical Presentations page. If you would like to find out more about ADIPEC 2016, please click on the logo below.

We look forward to seeing you there!!


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