10th June 2016

Badley Ashton Field Trip for KOC staff

Last month, Badley Ashton were very pleased to lead a three-day field trip for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) to examine a variety of ancient and modern depositional systems. Organised by Dr. Boris Kostic and Dr. Alireza Morshedian the group visited a number of world class outcrops along the North Yorkshire Coast and the modern Humber Estuary. The trip started with a day along the Middle Jurassic Scarborough coastline to examine a variety of paralic successions (Scarborough and Cloughton Formations) where the lateral continuity of deltaic sandsheets and coals and abrupt vertical facies changes could be observed.  On the second day, well-exposed floodplain, channel and point bar facies of a high-sinuosity fluvial system of the Scalby Formation were walked out on the wave cut platform at low tide to understand the complex internal reservoir architecture and its implications for permeability anisotropy. The last day of the trip started with a visit to the William Smith Museum in Scarborough before driving southward to the Humber Estuary to discuss depositional processes, geometries and facies distributions within one of the largest estuarine system in the UK.

The 3 day field trip provided the team with a unique opportunity to visit world-class deposits that serve as useful analogues to understand depositional facies, sandbody geometries and architectural complexities within subsurface reservoirs. if you would like to find out more about training and educational opportunities offer by Badley Ashton please don't hesitate to get in touch at enquiries@badley-ashton.co.uk.

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