19th November 2015

Badley Ashton delivers BHI training course to Hess

The value of BHI data to the Exploration-Appraisal-Production cycle

An awareness training course prepared for Hess

Led by Head of BHI Training and Development, Meriem Bertouche, and BHI Specialist, Mateusz Cyprych. 

This interactive one-day course showed participants how in using cutting-edge technologies, integrated with more traditional analyses, a deeper understanding of reservoirs can be gained. 

The course is designed to provide an understanding of the advantages and limitations of current BHI devices, together with their applications and value to the Exploration-Appraisal-Production cycle. The course focuses on sedimentological and structural interpretation techniques, as well as methodologies for wider BHI integration with other data types. For these purposes, the course uses the Badley Ashton geologically-driven workflows and classification schemes for the different facets of the BHI interpretation. Case study material was incorporated to enhance the value of the course and provide focused learning.

Course outline:

A. Borehole Image data - acquisition, processing and QC

B. Workflows for effective interpretation

C. Applications of the results - case studies

D. Recent developments and further BHI applications

Some comments from the participants: Well organised; An excellent course; Highly recommended; The course material is excellent

For more information on this and other courses click: Badley Ashton Training.


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