13th March 2020

COVID-19 Notice


Dear Colleagues

Given the evolving COVID-19 situation we would like to update all our clients and colleagues regarding our protection measures and business continuity.

We have put in place a 3-phase management plan to protect our team members, clients and associates. In this fast-moving and fluid situation, each phase of protective measures will come into effect in line with expert health and UK government advice.

Phase 1 - voluntary self-distancing for those in higher risk groups or those with necessary regular with vulnerable dependants – has been in place. Self-isolation for two weeks for any team member experiencing flu-like symptoms (e.g. a new persistent cough, high temperature/fever, aches and pains, respiratory issues) is required in this and subsequent management phases.

Working remotely and self-isolation is also required for anyone who has had close contact with a person who has been confirmed as carrying COVID-19 or is being tested for suspected COVID-19 and is awaiting results. In the latter case, self-isolation for two weeks can end if the suspected person is confirmed as negative and shows no symptoms.

Also in this phase, any face-to-face client, subcontractor or supplier meetings have been moved online. Winceby House will remain open for normal office hours 9am–5pm, UK time, and the switchboard and reception services will be in normal operation.

Phase 2 - escalation of cases in local or wider UK - will see more team members move to working remotely to reduce risk of transmitting the virus within the workforce. Phase 3 – school closures, government directives for restricted movement throughout local or wider society – all team members work from home.

We aim for seamless business continuity in the event of an escalation throughout these management phases and expect to maintain a near-full operation, except travel to view core/samples for description/analysis. We will continue to monitor the situation and its impact on both our employees and our supply of services to ensure that we can continue to operate effectively to the best of our abilities.

If you have any questions, in the first instance please call your regular Badley Ashton contact, or call the main UK switchboard (+44 (0)1507 588353) where you will be directed to the appropriate personnel who will be happy to assist during normal business hours.

We understand that this is a time of great concern, but also recognise that by working together, albeit at a distance, we will promote a positive and resourceful way forward.

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