High Resolution Thin-section Imaging

Badley Ashton uses advanced microscopy techniques to capture extremely high-resolution thin-section images. The images are composed of a series of photomicrographs suitable for a whole range of virtual petrographic techniques, as well as digital archive and atlases.

A single image of the entire sample taken at high magnification

We capture a whole thin-section by tiling together a series of photomicrographs; the resulting high resolution image presents an overview of the entire thin section.

• High-resolution imaging of whole thin-sections in plane-polarised and cross-polarised light creates a permanent and easily accessible digital archive for collaboration purposes and image analysis techniques
• A single image of the whole sample with the ability to zoom in without pixilation.
• Finely calibrated to allow for micron-precision measurements, away from the microscope.
• Image output as uncompressed TIF and compressed JPG format, compatible with any image software.
• Ability to conduct Petrographic Image Analysis (PIA) techniques to provide detailed additional data on your thin-sections.

Fully automated capture process

• The capture process is fully automated; the thin-section is typically run twice, with plane-polarised and cross-polarised light.
• The compiled images can be saved in a variety of formats - uncompressed TIF being the highest quality.
• The software employs an overlap technique to capture the full image.
• Finely calibrated pixel-to-micron conversion data to allow the user to accurately measure objects on screen, eg. grain size and pore space.
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