09th March 2020

Badley Ashton welcomes Anthony Tendil

Badley Ashton wishes to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of our Geological staff, Anthony Tendil.

Anthony joins us from the R & D Department at Total, where he has been working as a Research Geologist on the Urgonian Carbonate Platform of southeast France. He also has a PhD from the Aix Marseille University where he produced a thesis entitled “Tectonic, Climatic and Palaeogeographic Controls on the Stratigraphic Architecture of the Urgonian Provence Carbonate Platform (Barremian-Aptian, Southeast France)”. Anthony specializes in carbonate geology and will add his experience to our Carbonate Geology team.

Anthony will be based in our Lincolnshire office and we wish him all the best in her new career at Badley Ashton.

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