19th January 2017

Geological Society of London: Deep-water Depositional Systems: Advances and Applications

Deep-water deposits continue to provide major reservoir targets for oil and gas exploration around the world as well as presenting a series of challenges within  developing and producing fields. Considerable effort has been devoted to the understanding of these deposits both in terms of reservoir architecture and quality across the academic-industry interface. 

 Progress has been made in understanding of whole-system source-to-sink relationships and controls, the mechanics of erosional and depositional processes, and the fine-scale architecture of the resultant deposits. Allied to this progress has been the advancement in characterisation techniques/technologies, which has impacted upon workflows and the ability to analyse uncored as well as cored intervals at a greater level of refinement.

 This 3-day international conference will bring academic and industry geoscientists, petrophysicists and engineers together, to share new developments in the following thematic areas:

    1 - Depositional processes – sediment gravity flows to bottom currents 2 - Source to sink – deepwater systems 3 - Canyons and channels 4 - Confined slope systems – mobile substrates/structure and sedimentation 5 - Mass transport deposits 6 - Distributive systems 7 - Impact on exploration and production outcomes 8 - New techniques in reservoir characterisation and modelling

    As one of the convenors, Dr. Mike Ashton will be in attendance on both days of the conference and will be very happy to discuss Badley Ashton's services and how we can help you. If you would like to find out more information about the conference (including the full programme); please follow the link below.

    deep-water depo systems

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