01st October 2013

Maersk Field Trip

Badley Ashton, in association with Besly Earth Science, led a tailored three-day field trip for Maersk and partners ENI and JX Nippon to examine a variety of fluvial depositional styles and architectures to help visualise the potential subsurface complexity, internal heterogeneities and sandbody geometries and extents within some of their North Sea reservoirs. The trip, attended by 15 people (a mixture of geologists, engineers and geophysicists), started with a day along the Scarborough coastline examining the well-exposed floodplain, channel and point bar facies of a high-sinuosity fluvial system of the Scalby Formation deposited during the Middle Jurassic. The two subsequent days were spent walking across the superb Devonian and Carboniferous exposures of the Stratheden Group, along the coastline of the Scottish borders, which were largely deposited as a complex of multi-storey ephemeral channel and sheet deposits within a more arid/semi-arid climate. The trip finale was a geotourist visit to one of the most important World Heritage Geological Sites, 'Hutton's Unconformity', at Siccar Point.

Thank you to Maersk for co-ordinating the logistics and accommodation for this trip, and to all participants for making this an enjoyable and interesting excursion.

For enquiries regarding field trips - please contact Andrea James, Badley Ashton (andreajames@badley-ashton.co.uk).

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